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On Pointe Photography gives its name to dance, which is where our passion really lies. Having 3 daughters that currently dance, and have done from the age of 3 years old, we are experienced in dance shows, competitions & festivals. 


We offer different services for dance, so whatever your event is, or whatever your style is, On Pointe can provide you with what you need.


Dance Events

We can attend your event, FREE of  charge, and set up our portable studio.  After we have set up, we are able to take photographs and print immediately on site. The customer can have a picture taken and hold there print, all in under 10 minutes!

Group Dance Shoot

Shows and festivals are very busy, and we know how much money and effort that goes into the costumes. We can offer to do 30-minute photo shoots for the dancers, by coming into your dance studio and setting up a professional studio. Each dancer (and any siblings) can have their own photo shoot with ALL of their costumes!. The standard price per 30-minutes is only £40.00 each, with ALL the images available in a password protected gallery, enabling the parents to have unlimited free FULL RESOLUTION  images as they want. Whilst we are at the dance school, we can arrange to do troupe photo’s, complimentary for the dance school.


Individual Photo Shoot

If you like the idea of the group dance shoot, but require more than 30-minutes in the studio, or perhaps you want to do a location photo shoot, these are also available. Contact us for a chat, and we will find out what your requirements are.